Stats Reporter

The stats reporter generates high level statistics about the tracked process’s memory allocations.


The output includes the following:

  • Total number of allocations performed

  • Total amount of memory allocated

  • Histogram displaying the distribution of allocation sizes. The y-axis data (size) is logarithmic.

  • Distribution of allocation types (e.g. MALLOC, CALLOC, MMAP, etc.)

  • Stack trace and size of the top ‘n’ largest allocating locations by size (default: 5, configurable with the -n command line param)

  • Stack trace and count of the top ‘n’ largest allocating locations by number of allocations (default: 5, configurable with the -n command line param)

  • (for JSON output only) Metadata about the tracked process

Basic Usage

The general form of the stats subcommand is:

memray stats [options] <results>

The only argument the stats subcommand requires is the capture file previously generated using the run subcommand.

The output will be printed directly to the standard output of the terminal.

JSON Output

If you supply the --json flag, the stats subcommand will write its output to a JSON file, rather than to the terminal. Like other commands that output to files, the default output file name is based on the name of your capture file, but it can be overridden with the -o / --output option. By default Memray will refuse to overwrite an existing file, but you can force it to by supplying the -f / --force option.

Note that new fields may be added to the JSON output over time, though we’ll try to avoid removing existing fields.

CLI Reference

Generate high level stats of the memory usage in the terminal

usage: memray stats [-h] [-n NUM_LARGEST] [--json] [-o OUTPUT] [-f] results

Positional Arguments


Results of the tracker run

Named Arguments

-n, --num-largest

Displays the top ‘n’ largest allocating functions. Default is 5

Default: 5


Exports stats to a JSON file

Default: False

-o, --output

Output file name for JSON output

-f, --force

If the JSON output file already exists, overwrite it

Default: False

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