Example Applications for MemrayΒΆ

The projects in the directories located here contain very simple examples to demonstrate usage with Memray.

Make sure you install the required dependencies by running python3.9 -m pip install -r requirements.txt in the respective directory. The examples below use the project in the mandelbrot folder, but you can use the same instructions to launch the other examples as well.

To track memory allocations, invoke memray3.9 run:

memray3.9 run mandelbrot/mandelbrot.py

Memray will print a message displaying the output file it creates.

Writing profile results into mandelbrot/memray-mandelbrot.py.187967.bin

You can use this file to create various reports. To generate a flame graph, use the following command:

memray3.9 flamegraph mandelbrot/memray-mandelbrot.py.187967.bin

The HTML file for the flame graph will be generated under mandelbrot/memray-flamegraph-mandelbrot.py.187967.html. The flame graph displays the stack frames in the application where allocations have occurred and shows the amount of memory used in each frame.

You can see sample outputs of the resulting flame graphs: