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BlazingMQ Roadmap

BlazingMQ is an actively evolving product and we have several enhancements in the areas of security, stability, scalability, user-facing features, tooling, etc. in the pipeline. This document lists some of these short-, medium- and long-term projects. As with any large enterprise software framework, the priority of these projects can change. If you’d like to see a feature or enhancement in BlazingMQ, please reach out to us!


Testing Suites

BlazingMQ has various test suites which will be published as open source in the coming months after general cleanup and refactoring:

  • Integration test suite

  • Chaos test suite built on top of Jepsen

  • Stress and performance test suite

  • Fuzz test suite


Security: Authentication

Authentication and encryption in transit will be added to BlazingMQ by adopting TLS support.

Security: Authorization

In order to give clients better control over their namespaces and queues, support for authorization will be added to BlazingMQ. Users will be able to configure which identities are permissioned to access their BlazingMQ queues.

Overload Control

BlazingMQ brokers will be updated to detect when they are overloaded (high memory, large volume of pending work, etc.). In turn, they will start throttling producer applications which are producing messages at a higher rate than normal and/or have a lot of pending (unacknowledged) messages piled up in the brokers.

Stuck Consumer Detection

Any consumers which have not confirmed their messages in a configurable amount of time will be assumed to be dead and removed from the set of working consumers. This will ensure that consumers which are deadlocked or are stuck for some reason don’t hold on to unprocessed messages forever.

Adminstrative Tooling

A set of command line tools and scripts which can be used to manage and interact with a BlazingMQ cluster will be published as open source. Several such tools already exist, while some other new tools and scripts will be developed.


Distributed Tracing Support

BlazingMQ contains pluggable support for distributed tracing. However, this support is partial and currently available only for a subset of requests in its control plane. BlazingMQ will be updated to support full-fledged distributed tracing across both its control and data planes.

Higher Storage Quota

BlazingMQ’s storage layer will be updated to ensure that it can leverage as much of the storage/disk as available in the cluster, such that queues with terabytes worth of quota can be supported.

Source and Sink Connectors

Support for various source and sink connectors will be added in BlazingMQ for easier integration with other systems.

Multi-level Consumer Priority Support

BlazingMQ’s message routing logic will be updated to ensure that messages can be routed to lower priority consumers when those with highest priority are at capacity. Currently, if highest priority consumers are unable to accept any more messages, new messages stay in the queue and are not routed to lower priority consumers.