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BlazingMQ intro
A modern high-performance open source message queuing system

BlazingMQ is a distributed message queueing platform with focus on efficiency, reliability and a rich feature set for modern day workflows.

Carefully architected and written in C++ from the ground up with no runtime dependency on any external framework (e.g., Apache ZooKeeper), BlazingMQ provides consistently low median and p99 latency.

With its unique multi-hop network topology, BlazingMQ can lead to significant savings in network bandwidth and latency for high fan-out workflows.

Clustering and Quorum-based Replication

Built on the solid foundation of industry-standard best practices in the domain of distributed systems to provide highly-available queues.

Message Routing Strategies

Provides a set of message routing strategies to help applications implement complex message processing pipelines.

Routing Strategy - Work Queue

Routing Strategy - Consumer Priority

Multi-Hop Network Topology

Supports a unique multi-hop network topology leading to a distribution tree for each queue, thereby leading to network bandwidth savings for certain use cases.