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Package-level declarations


Name Summary
ConflictAlgorithm [androidJvm]
enum ConflictAlgorithm : Enum<ConflictAlgorithm> , IConflictAlgorithm
ISQLiteOpenHelper [androidJvm]
interface ISQLiteOpenHelper : Closeable
Selekt [androidJvm]
object Selekt
SQLiteDatabase [androidJvm]
class SQLiteDatabase : Closeable
SQLiteOpenHelper [androidJvm]
class SQLiteOpenHelper : ISQLiteOpenHelper
The SQLiteOpenHelper class contains a useful set of APIs for managing your database. When you use this class to obtain references to your database, the system performs the potentially long-running operations of creating and updating the database lazily and only when needed, not during application startup. All you need to do is call writableDatabase().
SQLiteOpenParams [androidJvm]
data class SQLiteOpenParams(val journalMode: SQLiteJournalMode = SQLiteJournalMode.WAL, val pageSizeExponent: Int = 12, val trace: SQLiteTraceEventMode? = null)
Wrapper for configuration parameters that are used for opening a SQLiteDatabase.