Package com.bloomberglp.blpapi

Interface Summary
EventHandler A callback supplied by the application to receive callbacks for Events from Bloomberg Services
Identity Provides access to the services and the entitlements for a specific user.
Logging.Callback An interface for a callback that can been registered to get the log messages
NameEnumeration Deprecated.
Request This class represents a single request to a particular service
UserHandle Deprecated. as of 3.3.0, use Identity instead

Class Summary
AbstractSession This class provides an abstract session for sharing interfaces between Session and ProviderSession.
AbstractSession.StopOption Enumerations for controlled shutdown of the session
Constant Represents a constant value in the schema.
ConstantsList Represents a list of Constant objects in the schema.
Constraint Contains a single constraint.
ConstraintsList Contains a list of Constraint objects.
CorrelationID A key used to identify individual subscriptions or requests.
Datetime Represents a date and/or time
Element Elements are used to represent all data sent to/received from API services.
ElementIterator An iterator over the contained elements of a Sequence or a Choice Element.
Event All data resulting from subscriptions or requests and administrative messages are delivered as Events
Event.EventType Enumeration of the type of events that can be delivered from Bloomberg services
Event.EventType.Constants Constants to facilitate switch constructs on event types
EventDispatcher Dispatches events from one or more sessions through callbacks.
EventDispatcher.StopOption Enumerations for controlled shutdown of the EventDispatcher
EventFormatter EventFormatter is used to format publisher events or responses to certain ProviderSession requests.
EventQueue The EventQueue class allows an application to block and receive Events for requests in a synchronous manner.
Logging Provides a way to register a call back for logging
Message Message objects are used to represent all outputs from the API
MessageIterator An iterator over the Message objects within an Event
Name Name objects are used to identify and access the classes which define the schema - SchemaTypeDefinition, SchemaElementDefinition, Constant, ConstantsList.
NameEnumerationTable Deprecated.
Operation Operation objects are obtained from a Service object and it represents an Operation that can be executed on a Service.
ProviderSession This class provides a session that can be used for providing services.
Schema Contains constants used in the classes which represent the data model.
Schema.Datatype Enumerations for various data types supported in the schema.
Schema.Datatype.Constants Integer constants to facilitate switch constructs on Schema.Datatype Enumeration
Schema.Status Enumeration describing the status of various elements in the schema
Schema.Status.Constants Integer constants to facilitate switch constructs on Schema.Status Enumeration
SchemaElementDefinition The definition of an item in a data schema.
SchemaTypeDefinition The definition of a type in the schema.
Service Defines a service which provides access to API data.
ServiceRegistrationOptions Contains the options which the user can specify when registering a service.
ServiceRegistrationOptions.RegistrationParts Constants for specifying which part(s) of a service should be registered
ServiceRegistrationOptions.ServiceRegistrationPriority Constants for specifying the priority of registered service.
Session This class provides a session for making requests and subscriptions to services
Session.SubscriptionStatus SubscriptionStatus lists the possible statuses a Subscription may be in.
Session.SubscriptionStatus.Constants Integer constants to facilitate switch constructs on Session.SubscriptionStatus Enumeration.
SessionOptions To use non-default options on a Session, create a SessionOptions instance and set the required options and then supply it when creating a Session.
SessionOptions.ClientMode Enumerations describing client mode of Session

SessionOptions.ClientMode.Constants Integer constants to facilitate switch constructs on SessionOptions.ClientMode Enumeration

Subscription A Subscription object holds information about a subscription for topic and comprises of two primary fields: a 'CorrelationId' associated with the subscription, and a string, called a subscription string, describing the data to be delivered as a part of the subscription.
SubscriptionIterator The SubscriptionIterator can be used to iterate over all the active subscriptions for a Session.
SubscriptionList Contains a list of subscriptions.

Enum Summary
Identity.SeatType Seat type enumeration defines seat type values such as whether this identity is a Bloomberg Professional Service user.
Message.Fragment A message could be split into more than one fragments to reduce each message size.

Exception Summary
InvalidConversionException Invalid conversion exception.
InvalidRequestException This exception is thrown when an API client attempts to send a request which is not valid by the request schema
NotFoundException Not present exception.

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