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A command-line wrapper around Phabricator's Conduit API.

What can I do with it?

All sorts of extending and automating:

e.g. say "any update?" on all open reviews not updated for 2 weeks:

$ arcyon query --min-update-age '2 weeks' --status-type open | arcyon comment --ids-file - -m 'any update?'

Yay automation! Moar examples plz?

Here are some example scripts:

See the current list of Arcyon examples here.

What commands are supported?

At the time of writing, the 'Differential' API is pretty well covered, with some of the other apps getting coverage too:

create-revisioncreate a new review
update-revisionupdate an existing review
querydisplay and filter the list of differential revisions
commentcreate a comment on differential reviews
raw-diffcreate a raw diff in differential
create-revisioncreate a new revision in differential
update-revisionupdate an existing revision in differential
get-diffget a diff from differential, along with metadata
pastecreate a new paste
task-createcreate a new task in maniphest
task-updateupdate a task in maniphest
task-querydisplay and filter the list of maniphest tasks

See the latest documentation here, or ask your copy of arcyon:

$ arcyon -h

What's with the name?

Glad you asked! It's chosen to be distinctive enough to be easy to search for and short enough to use at the command prompt.

To aid in remembering arcyon, maybe knowing how it's composed will help:

it overlaps with phabricator's 'arc' commandit's implemented in pythonit wraps the 'cONduit' API

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