Module Js.Dict

module Dict: Js_dict

type 'a t 
Dictionary type (ie an '{ }' JS object). However it is restricted to hold a single type; therefore values must have the same type.

This Dictionary type is mostly use with the Js_json.t type.

type key = string 
Key type
val get : 'a t -> key -> 'a option
get dict key returns None if the key is not found in the dictionary, Some value otherwise
val unsafeGet : 'a t -> key -> 'a
unsafeGet dict key return the value if the key exists, otherwise an undefined value is returned. Must be used only when the existence of a key is certain. (i.e. when having called keys function previously.
Array.iter (fun key -> Js.log (Js_dict.unsafeGet dic key)) (Js_dict.keys dict) 
val set : 'a t -> key -> 'a -> unit
set dict key value sets the key/value in dict
val keys : 'a t -> string array
keys dict returns all the keys in the dictionary dict
val empty : unit -> 'a t
empty () returns en empty dictionary